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  • Its Like Gravity
    27280 Gameplays
    A unique physics based puzzle game where you can control gravity with left mouse click and remove objects to make the ball reach the flag.
  • Mortlake Mansion
    8435 Gameplays
    Explore the dark rooms of the house and discover the secrets that haunt this eerie place.
  • Halo Pixy
    10370 Gameplays
    Help Pixy to save the cat in this beautiful point and click adventure game.
  • The Illusionists Dream
    8575 Gameplays
    An artistic game that tells story of a magician. Once upon a time there was a great magical performer who entertained crowds with his tricks and illusions. But when the one he loved died, he stopped performing and lost the will to live until one night he had a dream.
  • The Tricky Tumblers 2
    6138 Gameplays
    Sequel to The Tricky Tumblers, tricky tumblers 2 reforms the classic water jug puzzle with several twists and turns.